Convenient Stocking Programs

BWC also offers a variety of stocking programs that we can tailor to your exact requirements helping you streamline your manufacturing process and save you valuable space.

Our Consignment Programs puts inventory on your floor as you need it, reducing your costs and improving your service. It cuts down your administrative burden as you pull material as needed. 

Our J.I.T. Stocking Programs can save you time and money by allowing BWC to put your material needs in our inventory and shipping “just in time” only the quantity you need when you need it.  This will allow you to maximize your yield or save manufacturing time by ordering material to meet your specific needs.

Immediate Shipping
BWC offers immediate shipment of all in stock materials. So if you have an urgent need, we can get you the material when you need it. If you need a material that BWC does not stock, we are experts at locating metals and alloys, and have a relationship with most of the major producers. Please call us if you are having difficulty locating a particular metal or alloy -- we’ll be happy to source it for you.

Customer Service

We take great pride in our high level of customer service we offer. Our staff has a great deal of technical expertise and can answer any questions you may have regarding BWC products.   Whether it’s solving today’s challenging requirements or meeting future ones, we have established a tradition of timely and cost-effective quality solutions for our customers.

So, the next time you need a special purpose metal or alloy, call (714) 899-9031 and speak with one of our materials experts.